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The Dr Namita Bose Foundation for Rural Sustainability or DNBF was set up by Mr Satyam Khagen Bose, Chairman of Virenxia, in 2022.

The DNBF is dedicated to rural youth and women empowerment in rural areas, and indigeneous cow breed conservation.

Its scope of work involves the creation, proliferation, and management of Farmer Producer Companies (FPCs) in India.

Who we are

The greatest asset India has is its youth – the young men and women of India who will define the future of our nation. The rural youth population in India is about 67–68 per cent of India's total population. The DNBF will work closely with our most valuable resource by providing an opportunity for rural entrepreneurship, agriculture-based skill development and more.

Germinating Grassroot ideas among India’s rural youth

Known as the ‘breadbasket of the world’, India has come a long way in acquiring self-sufficiency in terms of feeding our population. However, this has been at the cost of the health of our farmers, our soil and the health of our rivers.

One of the key tenets of the DNBF is sustainability – for us ‘sustainability’ means to arrest the vicious cycle of depletion and degradation and convert it into a virtuous cycle of resource increase and improvement. In this regard, the DNBF will work closely with local rural agrarian communities in India to encourage the adoption of Climate-Smart Sustainable Agricultural (CSSA) practices through specialized training, skill development and more.

Encouraging a future-forward shift to organic farming

The DNBF will work closely with local farming communities in India to bring about a paradigm shift, thus creating local pockets of employment opportunities for the youth. These are some of the infrastructure creation projects we are looking to set up in small villages in India:​


  • IVC and Niargruna deployed in a localised manner, to process waste, creating top-notch organic agricultural inputs while also creating energy.

  • Indigenous cow breed conservation & community cow-shed development and backyard layer poultry farming.

  • ​Setting up of local agro-industries.


In this regard, we are always looking for partners and collaborators who can be agents of change.
Together, we can bring about social and economic change in rural India.

The Dr Namita Bose Foundation in action

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